Monday, October 25, 2010

Top 10 Take Home Messages from Governance Institute Conference at Greenbrier Resort

Top Ten Things I Learned At Governance Institute at the Greenbrier
1. The status quo of how we pay for and deliver healthcare is unsustainable.
2. The Federal Health Care reform law is the biggest change in the rules and regulations since the 1965 passage of Medicare. Most of the rules and regulations have not been published yet.
3. Hospitals and doctors will get a lot less money in the future. Plan on it and simulate how you will run hospital for 30% less revenue.
4. Payment will change from fee for service to global payment.
5. Hospitals and doctors need each other to survive and so physician integration and leadership is key.
6. Consolidation of hospitals and medical practices is inevitable.
7. The Hospital needs to become the townhall, the hub, the trusted source of information for wellness.
8.The Hospital needs to learn how to care for a population and not just be an acute care facility.
9. Culture is more important than buzz words like medical home and accountable care organizations.
10. Everyone has to change and nobody likes to change (patients, doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, employers, health plans.


  1. Do you have a reference or citation for #3 (30% less revenue)? Is this an arbitrary number?

  2. Number 10 is the piece de resistance. Nice pithy list.

  3. While change is inevitable, not all change is good.... far from it. When physician incentives ( i.e. Compensation) are left to political whims, we risk getting the best and brightest to take the provider career path. Macro Econ 101 teaches us the elasticity of supply and demand. This elasticity is finite and without a lot more pressure, the smartest kids in school will make rational choices away from becoming tomorrow's providers. I for one don't want the class clown, unless she was #1 in her class, to be my surgeon.